Wednesday, 18 February 2009

T.O. Thoughts Diary, part I

Influenced by NY Mag's sex diaries, but the content is totally different

  • Thinking about how I really need to marry an architect. Even an engineer will suffice. Maman et papa will really like an engineer. Electrical? Mechanical? Computer? Anything but Chemical.
  • Stalking little sister's facebook, looking at her ugly friends. Kids cannot possibly be that big and tall at 13-14. Wondering if she'll regret these lame photos in a few years. Also wondering why maman is allowing her to wear eyeliner. So unfair.
  • What am I five?
  • Tempted to chat. No one good is ever on chat.
  • Someone's food smells really bad. I feel like vomiting. God damn my ability to smell absolutely everything. Smell my arm to forget about it. I smell really good, why don't more people jump me?
  • So hungry.
  • Twitter keeps track of your day, maybe i should get it so I remember what I did at 3:02pm and write it into my time sheet instead of digging through my notebook hoping I wrote it down.
  • Need to write down more good Arty quotes since we messaged each other back and forth and there was some solid material in there.
  • Think about the book Arty told me to write, Observations of drunk people while sober. Since I don't drink, that consists of 97% of my life.
  • Realize my handwritting is like the Baiji, slowly becoming extinct.
  • Supposedly researchers can't find Baiji's anymore.
  • "How we exit" by Gentleman Reg on repeat
  • Call my parents before they call me. I know the outcome. "you never call" yada yada yada
  • Parents were nice on the phone. It means they are mad at one of my siblings so they are nice to me.
  • Think about what I'm going to wear tonight.
  • Think about all the emails I have to send and all the work I am procrastinating on.
  • Wondering what it would be like to post my picture on a dating site. Would I get hits?
  • Really tempted to continue reading Starbucked right now. I should really finish Rules of Attraction before starting a new book. Why do I always read seven books at the same time?
  • Wondering if my roommate did the dishes.
  • So full.
  • Where do they sell red velvet cupcakes after valentine's day?
  • Get a burst of energy at work when I think back to a funny story a friend told me. I decide to tell some co-workers the story and die of laughter.
  • Remember I am no longer four and cannot act like an imbecile at work.
  • Emailing back and forth with friend - topic? Simpsons quotes.
  • How am I supposed to go dancing if my eyes feel like they haven't slept in days?
  • I went out Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and slept late last night. Must I go dancing? My feet do need it. Plus my dance partner totally kept up on Saturday, she was wonderful. I want to dance with her again.
  • Munching on oriental rice cakes, the $0.99 ones not the $0.79 brand. I know it's a recession but I don't plan on sacrificing taste for none.


  1. ahhh yesss we did procrastinate quite a bit

    '''ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my ovaries''

  2. ps. was the story abt my make-shift Sari apparatus?

  3. hahaha no it was about the sorority girls excursion on canada day!