Wednesday, 25 February 2009

West Queen West is still sketch

Last night, I was at The Gladstone Hotel for Michael Muhammed Knight's presentation at This is not a reading series when suddenly, a bum (or an older man who clearly cannot hold his alcohol) came up on stage during question period. He proceeded to yell incoherent messages into the microphone, wave his hands into the air while stumbling on his feet and then he fell and all we heard was a loud thud. The waiter at the Gladstone then yelled "they said the Gladstone was undergoing gentrification, but...we're STILL SKETCHY YAY!" and he puts his hands up in the air.


  1. damn straight.
    they still haven't kicked out the crazies... yet.


  2. according to my colleague: parkdaliamsburg. coming soon.

  3. I read an article about how the bridge breaking Queen west, the one right after Gladstone and right before Wrong Bar, is the proverbial border of "cool" and "sketch".

    I used to call it the troll bridge during those awful 4 months that I worked at Pdale Legal Aid.
    And let me tell you a couple of those bums (my clients) did try to eat my soul...(or bite /kiss me)