Thursday, 5 February 2009

Party! Parti! Parté!

This year, I promise to host the following themed parties:

Dictator Party: Guests are invited to dress up as dictators of their choice. No duplicates please. Fictional ones such as the Emperor from Star Wars count and only because I really really want to dress up as him.

Great Gatsby Party:
Guests must dress up in all things representative of the roaring 20's such as turbans, flapper dresses, tuxedos, money, etc etc.

Fashion Designer Party: Self-explanatory. Dress up as your favourite designer (dead or alive). I was Karl for Halloween. If I wasn't, I wouldn't have met MK.

R&B jam: That bump n grind shit. Playing only the old school jams, all night long.

Got more ideas? Share them!



  1. I am painfully excited for these. So much so that I've already started planning what I'll wear. Obviously!

  2. Man, if i lived in toronto, i would have said: have a 'pants optional' party... and i would have obviously attended in my underwear.
    oh well...


  3. he, i love the dictator theme. I just went to favorite bands/singers theme party...we had one too many amy winehouses. there's a site called and everyone posts what they're wearing..prevents duplicates. random, but its pretty funny. i've had hosts send us the link and everyone posts their costume...hilarious b/c you can comment and call outfits first.

  4. ha that site is hilarious! thanks for sharing it. i should've added "grunge-90s party" where people dress up as their favourite bands from the 90's. dibs on the cranberries.