Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Ashley Zaba

When I worked in fashion marketing back home as a publicist/marketer/graphic designer/model agent/creative director/photographer/comedian and oh so much more for the measly price of $0.89 per hour (yeah versatile job isn’t it?) I met a talented young lady from Barrie, Ontario by the name of Ashley Zaba. Ashley participated in various shows across the city and gained the respect of my sister and I and many of the attendees of these shows. Having designers as friends is very beneficial because when I moved to Toronto, I realized I was in desperate need of a bathing suit to go along with my fantasticly glowing pale skin. Having a top size that is larger than my bottom; it’s often difficult to find a well fitted bathing suit in colours and fabrics you like. This is where Ashley came in. For $150+ (depending on fabric), she’ll make you a custom bathing suit. And she doesn’t only have an already made set to choose from, she’ll go fabric shopping for you, measure you, and then fit you again to make sure you’ll be a thief of hearts in that suit just like I aspire to be.

Ashley also makes other great pieces, like jackets, shorts, blouses and much more. Designers like Ashley are often overshadowed by larger Canadian designers and do not necessarily have the opportunity to show in their own cities and cannot afford the big bucks needed to participate in fashion weeks. As someone who believes she has true talent, I think it’s necessary to provide her with the proper exposure, such as writing this post and wearing her clothing at various events and hoping to stimulate conversation. I mean who knows who might be reading this or who you run into that day. Below is some of her work. Visit her site for more info:

Shelley, I used to rep her.



  2. I agree Ashley Zaba is not only an amazing designer with her unique take and silhouettes. But she is also a class act and extremely freindly.

  3. I have the blouse in the pic and get compliments on it every time I wear it even from top designers