Friday, 6 March 2009

News, part I

Once in awhile, the Sid Loves Turbo podcast produces something great. This week, it happened:
click here to check it out

Last week, I joined Twitter and realized some people tweet about things that are quite unnecessary. You can follow me @theyuppie.

I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis because I work in social media, so if I read your blog on the dai-ly, it means it's good okay? I'll make recommendations for you readers sometimes, so you can start with these:

The Tragically Unhip - I've mentioned this one before, but if you didn't catch it, make sure you do read it
My Hyphenated Last Name - witty, witty, witty
Style Slut - oh so offensive, but oh so good
Bad Self Pics - someone was brave enough to put this one out
Pregnant Goldfish - Montreal, je t'aime. A good Canadian street style blog.
Fashion Copious - John is great at updating this blog daily with great editorials, showcards, new faces, etc etc
Book by its cover - Finally, a place for people who judge books by the cover
I Believe in Advertising - Do you believe?

I can also sit here and write a novel about all the terrible blogs I've read but there are so many I won't. Plus they can see I linked to them so they'll start posting really bad anonymous comments and shit.

Don't you hate finding clothes and then realizing that they don't have your size? Well, I saw this Cheap Monday skirt I liked at Carte Blanche but it was a large, so instead of me not getting it, I did because they promised me they would alter it into a small. I tried it on, it fits. I'll post pictures soon.

Finally, as a blogger, I think that I can make the stories on this blog a little more interesting since most of my life adventures happened when I was like 15 to 18. So I might explore things I wouldn't normally do, such as joining various online dating websites, going out in the entertainment district and watching bad television shows. Or I could get into all sorts of mischief and blog about it - like open my flatmate's mail when she's not there and leave evidence of it just to be startin' something (I know it irritates her). Kidding kidding.

image source: Pregnant Goldfish

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