Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Showing you how my feet work, work, work, work

Sometimes, some songs take over playtime on my ipod. I'm sharing my current picks with you. These are worth your time, promise. And don't forget the ones from this post. They're included too.

Air France - Never Content (Friend's Tropic Thunder edit) - These guys are like The Avalanches, oh sampling!

Tiga - Mind Dimension (Mansion remix) - The song is great for the repeated use of the words "mind dimension" and if you're good with imitations like I am, repeating mind dimension over and over again gets a lot of people laughing. And in case you were wondering, Tiga's not gay, he's just metro ladies.

Junior Boys - What it's for - Caucasian Tabloid (bless you) released the album over two months before it's official release date (March 24) and I have enjoyed every track on it so far but "What it's for" is worth more than one listen

Sonic Youth - Kool Thing - Just like I think that emoticon with the smiley face wearing sunglasses was made for me, I think this song was written about me. Haha. Narcissistic slip.

Metronomy - A thing for me (Breakbot remix) - These guys are probably hot because they make good music

Hot Chip - Sexual Healing - Who else would be worthy to cover Marvin?
The Juan Maclean (Surkin Remix) - One Day - Thank you to Vaneska and Matt for posting this addictive track.

Max Tundra - Which Song - He opened for Junior Boys and did a wonderful job impressing me. Please see this guy live. Unbelievable.

Everything but the Girl - Before Today (Chicane remix) - This band is more than just about the song "Missing".

Anoraak - Nightdrive with you (sayCet remix) - The original's good and more upbeat, this is well, more dreamy.

Gonzalez - Let's Ride (megamix) - Laisse, laisse, laisse tombez ton pantalon

Lily Allen - The Fear (Duke Dumont Remix) - I only like one Lily Allen song and it's "nan you're a window shopper" but this remix is pretty damn good.

Diamond Cut - Teardrops (Treasure Fingers Filter Disco edit) - You can count on Treasure Fingers to a) make you cross the dancefloor by doing b) the electric slide and c) breaking into the marshmallow

I'll be back with more eventually. But if you can't wait to get your fix, I posted a list on my other blog back in December filled with a list of 80 songs.

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  1. fantastic post. i sometimes play youtube runway vids and mix and match with different songs from my itunes library just for the fun of it..silly yes, but certainly entertaining

  2. thanks jacquie! and yes, must make for some entertainment!