Saturday, 14 March 2009

Stories from the balcony

I always suspected odd activities took place at the building across from my condo. My flatmate is convinced there was crack deals going on every day and every night, which is not to be ruled out. Just because we're in a very gentrified area (nouveau riche maybe?) doesn't mean we don't live beside drug dealers. Matter of fact, while she was on vacation, I saw a drug deal go down at 6pm. It was really not suave but nevertheless, fun to watch. While looking out my window today, I saw something extremely hilarious: a girl, dressed to the nines (well in her standards not mine) taking self pictures from her balcony. Oh the poses, it was a laugh riot! I assume she was putting together outfits for fashion week? Who knows and frankly, I'm just happy I got to take a picture with my phone and have something to laugh about for the next 48 hours. And I've taken the liberty of renaming her balcony to "Studio:Balcon". Now if only I can get a rate card for my next shoot...

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