Friday, 27 March 2009

A bunny, an armadillo and a fox walk into a gallery...

It seems every time I step out of my home, I make a new friend. A few weeks ago, while hopping around the Ossington strip with some people who will remain unnamed except for one: this guy, I ended up at Show & Tell Gallery. While there, I ran into a friend from high school whose mom is famous in politics and who currently lives in Montreal (yeah, the world is small we know that). I asked her what she was doing here and she said "supporting my friend Daniela Roessler, she's showing here." My friend wasn't the only one supporting Daniela, her sister, who lives in, if I remember correctly, somewhere in BC's country side, came to support her. This is where I got jealous. For Christ sakes my sister doesn't even read my blog, you think she'd come support my work? Not likely. Anywhoms, Daniela, surprise surprise, happens to be from my hometown. Show & Tell featured various talented people that night, but I got to chat with her a little and appreciate her work the most. If I wasn't in the newly created category nouveau pauvre, I would feature her mixed media pieces in my room and talk about them whenever a new visitor would enter my minimalist home and compliment my fantastic looking (and feeling) bed sheets. "Thank you. 600 thread count Egyptian cotton from Kings & Queens on Queen West. Have you seen these lovely art pieces by Daniela Roessler?" is how I would slyly slip it into the conversation.

Daniela's official website is still under construction, but for now you can get to read up on her here and appreciate her talent by the works I am featuring below.

How did she know I liked bunnies?

Cool armadillos?

And foxes?

NOTE: A lot of talented people come from Ottawa, a city flooded with museums, art galleries and some of the best art high schools in Canada. However said talent don't stay in town for obvious reasons . Next time you're out, ask whoever you meet where they are from and 95% of the time, they end up having some attachment to Ottawa, haha.


  1. I'm from ottawa....
    *Awkward face!*

  2. Bien sure que je lis ton blog....t'es mon amoureuse non?