Tuesday, 10 March 2009

What's your definition of dirty baby? What do you consider pornography?

George Michael, aside from being known for his infamous public relief incident, being arrested for drug possession  and other mischief, made some good music back in the day, and also wrote "Explore Monogamy" on a model's back with red lipstick. Hot bitch, hot. His greatest hits album, quite possibly had one of the best titles ever: Ladies & Gentlemen: The very best of George Michael, one disc was titled For the Heart and the other For the Feet. George was also known to be best buddies with all the (insert German accent here) supermoodles. The video most people remember is "Freedom 90", but he made another gem in 1992 called "Too Funky" which also included the ladies and Thierry Mugler's motorcycle corset, which unfortunately was seen recently on Beyoncé. Like I told Esther when she told me that Miss Fierce is now wearing Gareth Pugh, "If I was a designer, the day the likes of Beyoncé begin wearing my clothing is the day I will quit designing." I stand by this.

Back to George, it's really hard to believe that with lyrics like this:

Hey, youre just too funky for me,
I gotta get inside of you,
And Ill show you heaven if you let me.
Hey you just too funky for me,
I gotta get inside, (I gotta get inside)
I gotta get inside of you (so then you will that be).
I watch your fingers working overtime (overtime),
I got to thinking that they should be mine. oh!
Id love to see you naked baby,
Id like to think that sometime maybe
Tonight, if thats all right. yeah!

He turned out to be one of those boys who likes to do it with other boys. Click here to view the video because some ass disabled the embedding by request.

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