Saturday, 28 March 2009

Keywords, searches and people

Since the creation of this website on January 19, 2009, 2, 334 people have visited the site, 1,437 are returning visitors while 897 are new, accumulating 4,217 page views respectively. For a Canadian blog that has been live just over two months, that’s pretty good and I’m pretty happy. Thank you. Only one problem, this blog only has three followers. C’mon guys, this yuppie has game! Step it up, bad blogs have more followers than this!

Anyway, I decided that an interesting post can come out of scanning my Google analytics stats. I checked out the keywords people used on their searches to find this site and although none of them compare to the hilarious shit I came across at my other blog, some of it is pretty funny.
So here are my answers to the keyword searches for all those that searched something in particular and ended up here.

1. Yuppie activist/The Yuppie Activist: You’re probably my friend and heard about this blog through me or from someone else. You’ve come to the right site
2. The yuppy activist: Check the spelling of “yuppie”
3. Yuppieactivist: Are you looking for my twitter?
4. “I live music” lyrics noon and all night: I mentioned these lyrics in the Bianca Jagger post. However, like you, I don’t know where they are from.
5. Renata Kaveh: I met this talented woman and blogged about her here.
6. #lgfw: you’re using twitter aren’t ya? I’ve used this hash tag various times last week
7. "honey i live music! morning, noon and all night, everything else is just icing on the cake, ya dig?": see #4
8. why didn’t you just type it in?
9. yuppie activisit: See #2
10. Yuppieblog renata: Didn’t Renata link you here?
11. Yuppy activist blog: See #2 and #9
12. Amanda Blank: ? I'm drawing a blank here.
13. Facebook album names: Yes the infamous post here
14. Honey I live music: Popular search, please see #4 and #7
15. I have no time, no serious time, for anything else. I laugh it up.: Really, are that many people looking for this?
16. Lucian Matis: I’ve mentioned him in my “dance on the runway” post.
17. Observations of drunk people: This is the title of a book I’ll be writing soon, I mentioned this title here
18. +newempire+: my music playing boys from Montreal, dedicated a post to them here.
19. Activist illustrators: I mentioned living vicariously through illustrators here. Being a non practicing one myself, it makes sense you ended up on this site.
20. Always check your child’s homework joke: Ah yes this joke.
21. And im like no ima keep my shirt off: You ended up finding this post. Soft core porn. Hope it didn’t happen at work.
22. Benefits of smoking: Solving the Middle-Eastern conflict one ciggie at a time.
23. Boy’s empire: I don’t think you were searching for +newempire+, I really don’t know what you were looking for but good luck.
24. Christian Bale licking blood: You are looking for clips of American Psycho, keep searching and, p.s. that's gross.
25. Crystal Castles: Brief mention here
26. Fashion model write blog: Tatiana the Anonymous model? Jenna the kiwi? Coco Rocha?
27. Girlfriend bores me: Submissive ones bore me. Good luck finding a solution on google for this.
28. Golden filter: Solid gold.
29. How we exit lyrics gentleman reg: It was on repeat for a day or two
30. Illy coffee Toronto: The ultimate coffee experience
31. John Cassavetes music from the sound track: Faces Faces Faces
32. Katie submissive Toronto: So, this is weird dude, but you were lead to this.
33. Keith Sweat: Are you looking for an invite to my old school RnB jams party?
34. Koodo, new koods ads 2009 and Koodo ads are annoying: Three different searches, same result
35. Leather gloves mom’s: My mom didn’t buy me these, she contributed to them by buying me lilac
36. Lungta de Fancy fashion week: My dress is nice isn’t it?
37. Marykatew: MK’s twitter? You want
38. Melting in your vice jeans: Replaces jeans with dreams
39. Met models: I meet them too. Matter of fact, I know them.
40. Montreal yuppie blog: Not sure how you came here except for this post, however, you can find a Montreal related “unhip” people blog here
41. OC transpo: Arty shared his disappointment with the strike here
42. Pepper Ann, much too cool for seventh grade: Feeling nostalgic?
43. Sarah Sophie Flicker: No idea. And you misspelled "flickr"
44. She too cool for 7th grade: Is this the ghetto take on Pepper Ann?
45. Just type it in
46. Submissive girls: Are you looking for them? Many of them want you at CRAIGSLIST.
47. Things that you’ve learned in year 2008: I learned a lot of things and forgot many more.
48. Ula Zukowaska lg eashion week: Eashion means fashion
49. Vieux perfume: Vieux parfum is what you mean my Anglo friend
50. Washroom art: Looking for your latest inspiration for art school?
51. Where do yuppies live in Toronto: Many places but they are found predominantly in gentrified areas such as Liberty Village, King West, Yorkville, all those new condos downtown near the skydome and now, moving into Leslieville, Parkdale and Ossington to gentrify it.
52. WomenxWomen: is the site you're looking for.
53. Yuppie clothes Montreal: Suits are what most yuppies wear right? And Montreal doesn't have that many yuppies dude.
54. Yuppie fashion designer: Pink Tartan?
55. Yuppie activist twitter: @theyuppie

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  1. 53. Yuppie clothes Montreal: Suits are what most yuppies wear right? And Montreal doesn't have that many yuppies dude.
    54. Yuppie fashion designer: Pink Tartan?

    Your blog is so funny!
    Yes, suits are the yuppie uniform, although I'm trying to diversify. And there are TONS of yuppies (at least engineering-yuppies) in Montreal, I think they just hide it better after hours. A suit is a fashion statement in Toronto :(.

    For the love of god, do not buy Pink Tartan, that dress I exchanged fell apart again. They take absolutely no pride in their manufacturing.