Thursday, 26 March 2009

Dance on the runway

I'm very good with music and I am very attentive to it during fashion shows. Music is such an integral part of the entire show and although models aren't supposed to walk to its beat, it is supposed to be cohesive to a designer's collection and vision. I had the luxury of checking out various shows during LG Fashion Week, here are some songs from the runway shows I watched, that I remember hearing, maybe wrote down, etc:

Ula Zukowska: like the line, trop Euro, meaning way too much trance and memories of Just Cavalli enthusiasts dancing at nightclubs. I’m surprised the models, alongside their inability to walk properly this season, didn’t submit to the beat and take out some illicit drugs. Suggestion: more wearable fantasy like music, Blonde Redhead, Bjork, Portishead maybe? Stir away from Mauro Piccoto.

Travis Taddeo: Canada’s Brian Lichtenberg used appropriate music for his show. Finding the opening song was one of the biggest challenges ever. I thought it sounded like Crystal Castles without Alice screaming, but it wasn’t. I asked various DJs and friends who are music experts, nada. Then I contacted Anna Von from Pink Mafia, who contacted Travis Taddeo, who gave her the name and email of the DJ, then Anna passed that info onto me and I then emailed the DJ who then responded with the name of the song and an attachment. His name is DJ Duvall by the way, he’s from Montreal and he’s helped me a lot. The song is called "Engine" by LA Priest, on Erol Alkan's Phantasy imprint. A huge thank you to the following people: Anna Von from Pink Mafia, Travis Taddeo and DJ Duvall.

Zoran Dobric: I remember him using a good opening song to his show; however, I can’t remember the name because one thing was on my mind: ORANGE MODELS. The agency, not that the girls and guys were orange (that was Ed Hardy), they were just terrible. I thought Cheri Milaney was the one who used non models in her show? Anyway, Zoran used two French tunes, including the one that goes "J'aime le noir, j'aime la musique noir" but I do not know who sings it. I do remember that he closed the show with “Solid Gold” by The Golden Filter. Good choice. Suggestions: Another modeling agency, and fabric.

Carlie Wong: I will forgive her for using models that had severe issues with walking in one line and the fact that there was not one ethnic model on the runway because she had a great collection and some of the best runway tunes of the entire week. Carlie’s Bianca Jagger (studio 54-1970s) meets 1930s influenced line (although she says 1970s meets Arabian) blended terribly well with the disco music. I especially love the fact that she opened with James Murphy & Pat Mahoney’s “Love Has Come Around” and that she paid homage (sort of) to the Jagger name by playing "Miss You" by The Rolling Stones. Her only mistake was including the Justin Timberlake and Ciara collabo, um no. Definitely not. Replace that with "Jo" by Mr. Oizo, some Boney M, or maybe "Time Warp" by Eddy Grant.

Evan Biddell: Biddell likes to hype stuff up. He has great craftsmanship but the line wasn’t as strong as he was hyping it up to be, especially when the first part of the show was much weaker than the finish but the finish still didn't wow me. And drum and bass? It felt like I was sitting in on an action movie trailer from 2001 because it was the Rave-O-Lution CD all over again. The yellow didn’t help either, if I recall clearly, the Rave-O-Lution cover was yellow. Suggestion: Although a bit dated, maybe some "Dudun Dun" by Para One (MSTRKRFT remix)? Or you know what, Boyz Noize would fit. And lay off the zippers.

Pink Tartan: When I was 11, I saw A View to a Kill and I had nightmares for weeks, courtesy of Grace Jones. She was just so...androgynous and scary. Now I can appreciate how sexy she is, but that doesn't mean I don't wake up sweating and scared after a Grace dream once in awhile. Off to the music! According to a very reliable source, Barletta wanted to get this mix just right so he reviewed it about four times prior to show time. The version we heard was fantastic. I don’t remember hearing “Williams Blood” or “Pull up to the bumper” in there however, but opening the show with “Love is the drug” was AWESOME and featuring “Feel Up” midway also got me nuts. This was also due to the fact that Ramata opened the show. Those things happen when your friends from childhood are making it in their careers. Barletta did a good job by solely using Grace Jones tracks in the mix, and Kimberley Newport-Mimran could've learned how to do Grace Jones right by using a little more than two black models.

Joe Fresh: I watched this in the media room with SNP because the crowd was massive and all I remember hearing was “I’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you” by Black Kids (The Twelves remix) which was also used by Bustle, except the Joe version had rap over it, which I don't think blended well with freshness. This song was big last year, why is everyone using it now? It does get a crowd going though. The rest of the soundtrack was hype. Too bad I’m missing The Twelves tonight. No I don’t want to talk about it.

Joeffer Caoc: He used Misstress Barbara's cover of Leonard Cohen's "Dance me to the end of love", and it made me think of being in a lounge while Chill Out Mix is blasting in the background, which is fine.

Comrags: This show was packed. I came in late so I barely got to see anything (thanks also to the entire staff of volunteers who insist on having excessively large hair). All I remember is sometimes hearing some alternative (fingers crossed for Sonic Youth, didn't happen) and bits and pieces of Chill Out Mix 2001 (see Joeffer), mixed by a terrible DJ. Nice use of “Showdown” by Electric Light Orchestra however. Good blend, but next time, ladies, pay the extra $$$ and get a better DJ.

Lucian Matis: Lucian surprisingly, is not from Montreal. I think I had that idea because his soundtrack reminded me of the Buddha bar mix cds, which they also sometimes played at Buddha Bar in Montreal (which is now closed, oh the good times). The soundtrack blended quite well with the collection, however, it was a bit too Miami and since it was so forest like, something darker would've suited. Suggestion: lots of violins, like Final Fantasy, or even this awesome remix by Final Fantasy.

Ed Hardy: This show was hell to watch mainly because it seemed the entire entertainment district was in attendance, alongside the cast of the Growing up Gotti, and people were cheering as if they were a) at a club fashion show or b) at the high school fashion show where all their friends are the models. Also, Skeletor was on the runway, in the form of a too thin model who I decided to rename “Paper”. The music was expected, such as opening the show with “Bamboo Banga” and closing the show with "Day and Night" by Kid Cudi (Crookers remix) which are just now hitting mainstream airwaves. Suggestion: CiRca and Levack Bloque both called, they want their in-house dj mixes back. Play something more surf and snow since it’s bathing suits and winter gear.

Lundstrom: She used "With You Forever" by PNAU, and Empire of the Sun's "Walking on a Dream", very fall-winter, very dream like, very acceptable for the collection.

Andy ThéAhn: He used MIA solely because his line was futuristic and colourful (so is MIA if you know her). If you’re bringing the 80s back, should I suggest some Calvin Harris? Or Hot Chip and Hercules and Love Affair, those are pretty good for runway.

Carlton Brown: I know you want to represent your roots and stuff but it doesn’t make it runway appropriate because it does not blend well with tailored mens suits. Use music that highlights the collection and its influence, not dirty rhydms that make people want to shake shake shake. Better save those jams for the after party. Suggestion: Up beat Junior Boys, Hot Chip, Cut Copy remixes, or even Ratatat. Sean Da Paul, no no no no.

Did I remember most of these titles after one sit in of the shows? You betcha!

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  1. I like it when models walk to the beat. They're not supposed to?

  2. well if they did, they'd be dancing! or floating depending on the tunes, haha

  3. Awesome!

    thanks for the ipod recommendations!