Friday, 13 March 2009

Matt & Dominic

Two boys I represented at an agency I used to work for got snapped up by another modeling agency. I hope their new agent places them in great markets and these boys make it in the industry. I always had big dreams for Matt, whom I nicknamed Jil Sander boy. I remember coaching him through his first photo shoot, putting together his comp card, and maybe, possibly, yelling at him a few times (all with love of course!). I'm really happy he's pursuing this further, because I'm sure you'll agree, he has great bone structure. Although I didn't get to work with Dominic too much, I found out he landed the lead role in a play back home so I'm excited the acting is working out for him. Good luck boys, maybe I'll see you on the LG Fashion Week runway soon, or better yet, walking at the fashion big leagues!


Photo credit (Matt):
Denis Murphy ©


  1. jil sander , imagine he were to land that campaign ?!

    & yeah i think anna is in the ck campaign, along with a bunch of other girls . it depends on the exact ad, cause they've got a variety of topless chicks modeling for them this season .
    no one compares to kate the great though, regarding ckjeans.
    except maybe brook shields ... but no, not even then .
    marky mark definitely dominates the tightywhities department of ck though .
    he will always be the ckundies boy .

  2. we also nicknamed him prada boy, but jil sander just stuck, haha! yeah i posted about that ck campaign back in jan, im sure she's in it. and you're right, kate and brooke, no one gets between them and ck jean ads.

    feel the vibrations.

  3. Do you feel they made a good decision? Are they in better hands now? CoverModels seems like a good agency. Any clue?

  4. For Ottawa, sure. CoverModels has success with male models and place them in good markets.

  5. How do they do with women? I am interested in modeling too. Can you suggest anyone in Ottawa that would be good for me?

  6. @Anonymous: email me personally (use the contact me on the side), and I'll be glad to help you.