Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Random texts reveal insight on women

Remember when I told you my friends say the most hilarious shit? Text exchange from last night provides more proof of this, and a reason why women continously sleep with assholes:

: So was that guy there on Friday?
Friend: No he wasn't there. The banker was there, ended up hooking up, hehe. But it was all on my terms so it's fine. Haha.
Me: Why did you do it?
Friend: Haha cus I wanted to. I told him he was a manwhore. Then he tells me he's heard about the dates I've been going out on blah blah blah. So he knows I know he's a slut and it's just a sex thing with him and I'm fine with it.
Me: Well at least you're fine with it.
Friend: Don't think I'm a slut or anything. I'm just recycling boys so my number doesn't go up! Hahaha.
Me: Ahahaha, ahahahha, You make me die! Recycling boys? This is blog material!
Me: No I don't think you're a slut.
Friend: Do it! Just change the names and shit.
Me: Word.

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