Friday, 13 March 2009

Mischief, mischief, rah rah rah

Last night, a friend from home came to visit. We got together with other high school friends who work and study in Toronto. Drinks that night were spent remembering my days of debauchery. Come to think of it, my behaviour in those days was hilarious. Any way, after the conversation, I dug up something I came up with during those days of mischief. Back when I was 16 and colourful neon bumper stickers with slogans like "ass, gas or grass nobody rides for free" were part of my life, I came up with an even cooler idea for a sticker I would have on my car when I got one. Because I have the tools now, I decided to create this sticker I thought of so many years ago.

It was a very popular saying around my friends, and engraved my reputation as a self proclaimed cool hunter. This sticker is basically saying, and I quote Tupac (*READERS PLEASE, THIS IS THE ONLY QUOTE I WILL EVER USE FROM HIM*) "I played her like a game of Sega." For the purpose of relating to this sticker, you may change "her" to "him".

Scroll down, more mischief...

When I first moved to T.O. I had a landlord. He was nice, but he had a funny license plate.
I thought I would do him a favour before anyone else got to it but then I changed my mind (rationality why do you do this to me?) I opted to take a picture and draw what I wanted to do instead.

Really surprised no one took the time to do this. GOLD.

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