Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Discoveries, events, that sort of thing

Raquel, à la Jerry Hall, comme toujours: Self Service Magazine

Montréalais Travis Taddeo, showing his collection at LG Fashion Week. Don't miss it, even if his show is at 4pm...skip work dude, just don't blame me if your boss finds out.

Last time I went here, I danced all night and actually managed to find a partner able to keep up with my energy (yeah Missy!). Will I be here this time around? You know it! Even though there's like three other parties I have to attend that night (why is it always the case?), I don't want to miss this.

Site for people who like this stuff (that's me), article with more details. There's also this and this.

image source: and Travis Taddeo


  1. CMW is keeping every busy this week/weekend.

  2. ooh, i saw lg fashionweek being promoted on ftv today .
    it'd be so cool to go !

    & the v cover is SO jerry hall .

  3. yeah and the self service magazine cover she looks exactly like jerry hall there too!