Monday, 23 March 2009

Renata Kaveh

Fashion Week is over and although it'll be back, I still have to wait around for it. It'll be six months until all the writers and attendees relieve their "champagne and hazelnut Kit Kat" diet (thank you FDCC), six months until models (who seem to have serious trouble walking this season) are prevalent on the streets of Toronto, six months until I see some old clients, make some new friends, and six months until I can bitch about how Anglos can learn from underrated fashion weeks like MFW. Yes ladies and gentleman, fashion week taught me that Anglos can sometimes be just as disorganized as us Francos. Believe it.

I would like to introduce you to my new friend from Fashion Week. She was part of the WomenXWomen exhibit, which puts emphasis on established and emergining female fashion photographers. Here's how we met: on Saturday, I decided to visit the exhibit at the Fashion House and ended up falling in love with this Tim Walker inspired photo:

I wanted it in my home so I looked for the photographer. I found her. We spoke, we laughed, and we exchanged contact information. Turns out the beautiful Renata Kaveh not only takes amazing photographs but she's also a warm and kind person. Also turns out she's from my hometown and has the same major as me. Now that I'm in love with her work, I want to share it with you. I also want Renata to know that when she is asked to shoot for the likes of Vogue (all editions but American) and Vanity Fair, I would like to be kept in mind as the #1 candidate to be her head management/publicist.

Thank you fashion week, for helping us make new friends one season at a time.

all photos courtesy of Renata Kaveh


  1. Coolio,
    Her photos are nicely processed.

  2. Mother fu...

    I meant to go to the exhibit!!! Completely forgot. Thanks for sharing the photos - they are exquisite.

    What do you think are the chances they replace the Kit Kat with sushi next time? One can dream...

  3. I have seen her work before and have had the pleasure of seeing her at functions on a few occasions. she has everything going for her - beauty, talent and an amazing personality. she didn't arrive by chance and she is definitely someone to watch out for.

  4. btw, is she single?...
    *creeper face!!*

  5. renata is, married. the model, probably under age for you.